Sun Valley Bronze (SVB) sand cast architectural door hardware is custom made in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. Certified pre-consumer recycled bronze LEED credits. Knobs, levers, multi-point, gate latches, cabinet knobs and pulls, tiles, sinks, faucets, kitchen and bath accessories, door bells, door knockers, door stops, hinges.
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Bronze and Patinas
Bronze and Patinas
The Sun Valley Bronze hardware collection offers unlimited combinations. Any knob, ring pull or lever can be combined with any of our wide range of escutcheon plates.

Our catalog is designed as a tool to assist in the custom hardware selection process. Once a design is chosen, a Sun Valley Bronze representative can work with you in further specifying functional and decorative products to coordinate with and enhance your project.

The oxidation process that Sun Valley Bronze uses to create patinas is an accelerated version of natural exposure to time, touch, and environment. Repeated handling of the hardware will lead to the graceful wear of the patina. Sun Valley Bronze believes patina wear is an inherent quality of the hardware. As with any hand-applied patina finish, color variations should be expected, lending character and distinction to elegant design.
Raw Bronze
Silicon bronze contains the elements copper, silicon, and zinc resulting in a golden-copper hue.
Color range: Polished Natural / Reddish-Brown / Dark Brown
White bronze contains the elements copper, manganese, nickel, and zinc resulting in a silver hue.
Color range: Nickel / Pewter Grey / Black
Silicon Bronze
Silicon bronze. Raw silicon bronze. No patina applied to the flat, tumbled bronze. Color is a light brown with a matte finish.
Burnished silicon bronze. No patina applied. Color is light honey brown. This finish will naturally oxidize with age to a light reddish-brown with some green on exterior or high humidity installations.
Medium reddish-brown patina. Color will darken over time.
Dark brown patina. Similar to an oil-rubbed bronze finish (similar to US10B).
Polished silicon bronze. Similar to polished copper.
White Bronze
Raw White bronze. No patina applied to the flat, tumbled bronze. Color is a nickel-silver with a matte finish.
Burnished white bronze. No patina applied. Color is bright nickel-silver.
Medium pewter grey patina. (similar to US15A).
Dark grey / black patina.
Polished white bronze. Similar to polished nickel.
Caring For Patinas
Bronze is naturally weather resistant. Very little care is needed to maintain it. Sun Valley Bronze recommends cleaning bronze hardware with mild soap and water. Do not use abrasive or chemical-based cleaners. Apply several coats of high quality clear paste wax to protect the finish.
Sun Valley Bronze warrants a lifetime guarantee for its bronze hardware and bronze accessories to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Patina finishes are not covered by this warranty. Sun Valley Bronze shall not be held liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages, including accident, misuse, abuse or improper installation. All Sun Valley Bronze hardware must be installed, removed and/or reinstalled by a professional hardware installer or all warranties are void. Please refer to our specification manual for full warranty information.
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